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  • Born in Bari (Italy), December 13, 1938
  • Graduate at the University of Bari, July 1965
  • Full Professor of Zoology, currently working at the "Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali" University of L'Aquila (Italy)

  • Teaching interest: invertebrates sexuality, reproduction and evolution, crustaceans biology and phylogeny

  • Research: systematics and biogeography of crustaceans (copepods, asellid and microparasellid isopods, amphipods of the genera Hadzia and Bogidiella, mysids. Biospeleology. Groundwater biology. Biodiversity in aquatic subterranean environments. Ground waters quality and pollution


    Member of WAC (World Association of Copepodologists)

  • Scientific Adviser of the "Museo del Sottosuolo P.Parenzan", Latiano (Brindisi)

  • Scientific Adviser of the "Museo di Speleologia - V. Rivera", L'Aquila
  • Editor in Chief of The " Groundwater Biology" and "Bollettino di Ricerca ISBioS"
  • Member of the New York Academy of Sciences


  • Hobbies: Web graphics and design; multimedia editing, videoprojection, DVD mastering, movies history, classic and modern music.



    Western Australian Museum, Perth, West-Australia (W. F. Humphreys)
    Department of Conservation and Wildlife Management, Wanneroo , Australia (S. A. Halse)
    CSIRO Land & Water CRCFE Freshwater Res. Center - Alburg, NSW Australia (R.J. Shiel)
    Texas A & M University at Galveston, USA (T. M. Iliffe)
    Project on Groundwater fauna of centrall Asia (I. Mirabdullayev)
    Institute of Marine Biology, Kotor, Montenegro - Yugoslavia (S. Karanovic)
    Institute of Marine Biology, Kotor, Montenegro - Yugoslavia (I. Karanovic)
    Institute of Animal Ecology, Gent - Belgium (G.M. Elshabrawy)
    Institut de Zoologie, Sofia, Bulgaria (I. Pandourski)
    Department of Zoology - University of Nagarjuna - India (Y. Ranga Reddy)
    ISBioS,The Institute of Biospeleology (M. Camassa)
    G.S. Karaman, Podgorica, Yugoslavia



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