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Nutrient Export--Old Problem, New Solutions

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Nuno2002-02Health and well being are strongly influenced by environmental conditions. In humans, one can take examples of large scale epidemics, such as plague, cholera, etc... that have been caused by very poor sanitation and hygiene conditions. Sanitation structures and processes as well as hygiene habits have been developed and evolved over time with major advances seen in the last century.

We nowadays treat industrial and domestic water effluents prior to launching them into the rivers, lakes, and seas and the same goes for solid wastes and fumes. Personally I am involved in such activities since one of my professional responsibilities is environment management and it has been one of my main objectives to find ways and solutions for the industrial residues

produced. Basically, I try and have been successful in either valorizing or recycling them. Laws exist to make sure that sustainable environmental practices are followed and society's awareness is more and more conscious and proactive in this regard. Well this is not new for nature, in fact it has been in place long before we existed as a species and only so could nature maintain a sustainable and continuous evolution that is subject to cycles, ups and downs, but all pieces fall into place and life on Earth continues.

Per continuare a leggere: http://www.reefsmagazine.com/forum/reefs-magazine/111401-nutrient-export-old-problem-new-solutions.html



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